Alaseel Co in brief 

Alaseel Co. for electronic equipments and photography pre requisites a glory of the high-ranking technical performance is a service foundation specialized in the field of importation, installation and maintanance of electronic and communication systems made by a team of a well-educated, experienced national engineering technical expertises, our motto is to supply our customers with up to date technology with competitive prices and trusted quality which will satisfy their demands.


Its our pleasure to bring out a spectrum of our most activities :

Importation , installation and maintenance of:

•  Audio systems including [open conference systems + public address systems + translation ]

•  Color plasma display monitors [plasma-vision] used in banks, race tracks, museums, hotels, meeting rooms, airports, universities, hospitals, trade shows, bus terminals.

•  Communication systems [ LINKS E1 / ATM / ISDN / FIBER OPTICS ]

•  Computer systems including LAN-WAN and upgrading their specifications systems.

•  Security systems .

•  Sports stadium clocks.

•  Language laboratory systems

•  Electronic test equipments used extensively in the scientific labs of the universities, cooleges and institutes in addition to those linked with factory production

•  Photography machines and their prerequisites

•  All kinds of PBX systems according to the specifications provided by the customer